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7 Facts About "The Ranch" Actor John Amos: His Age, Height, Net Worth, and Roles in "Roots" & "The West Wing"

Shrijan Published On Mon May 18 2020   Modified On Wed Aug 12 2020
7 Facts About "The Ranch" Actor John Amos: His Age, Height, Net Worth, and Roles in "Roots" & "The West Wing"

John Amos is an American actor. An active on-screen performer since 1970, the 50-year veteran is credited with over a hundred appearances in movies and TV shows.   

From his comedic role in series like Good Times and The Ranch to his dramatic roles in Roots and The West Wing, Amos is a highly accomplished and venerated actors.

These  are seven facts about John Amos:          

7. Father Of Six Children Including Son, K.C. Amos, And Daughter, Shannon Amos

John Amos has been married three times and among them, has fathered six children.

He got married for the first time to actress Elisabete de Sousa. They had two children together.

Amos married his second wife, Noel Jean Mickelson, an equestrian and artist, on December 27, 1965. 

John Amos with daughter, Shannon, and son, K.C. Amos
John Amos with daughter, Shannon, and son, K.C. Amos

Source: Getty Images

They had two children together, daughter Shannon Amos, a film producer and writer, and K.C. Amos, also a writer and producer. Amos and Noel divorced in 1975, after a decade together.

Amos married for the third time to actress and producer, Lillian Lehman, on February 12, 1978. They also had two children before they ended up getting divorced on November 28, 1979.          

6. Played Ed Bishop In The Ranch

Amos has been a major part of many sitcoms, including his most recent turn as Ed Bishop in the Netflix sitcom, The Ranch.

The sitcom ran for four seasons on Netflix, premiering on April 1, 2016, and airing its final episode on January 24, 2020.

The Netflix sitcom centered around the fictional Iron River Ranch and followed the lives and adventure of the Bennett family.

John Amos with Sam Elliott in The Ranch
John Amos with Sam Elliott in The Ranch

Source: IMDb

The series is led by Sam Elliott as the head of the Bennett household, rancher Beau Roosevelt Bennett; with Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson playing his two sons, Colt Reagan Bennett and Jameson "Rooster" Ford Bennett; and Debra Winger playing his estranged wife, Maggie Bennett

Other notable cast members include Elisha Cuthbert, Barry Corbin, Megyn Price, Kelli Goss, Molly McCook, and Kathy Baker.    

5. John Amos: Age, Height, And Ethnicity

John Amos was born John Allen Amos Jr. on December 27, 1939. The son of African-American parents John A. Amos, Sr. and Annabelle Amos, John Jr. was born in Newark, New Jersey, but was brought up in East Orange, New Jersey.

John Amos is 6 feet (1.83 meters) tall.

He attended East Orange High School and graduated in 1958, upon which he enrolled at Long Beach City College in Long Beach, California. He also attended Colorado State University and graduated with a degree in sociology.

4. Played Kunta Kinte In ABC Miniseries, Roots

Amos gained recognition as a dramatic actor with his turn as the adult version of the central character, Kunta Kinte, in the groundbreaking ABC miniseries, Roots

Based on writer Alex Haley's novel, Roots: The Saga of an American Family, the eight-part miniseries premiered on January 23, 1977, and told the story of black slavery in the eighteenth-century United States. 

The miniseries broke viewership records and received 37 Primetime Emmy Award nominations, winning nine. 

It also made a bonafide star out of John Amos who was nominated in the Best Actor category.    

3. Movie Appearances In Die Hard 2 And Uncut Gems

On the big screens, Amos' acting credits range from dramas like American Flyers and Lock-Up to comedies like Coming to America and Madea's Witness Protection, and everything in between.

Perhaps his most famous appearances include his appearance as Major Grant in the 1990 action-thriller, Die Hard 2, starring Bruce Willis. He also played Jud Jones in 2006 comedy movie, Dr. Dolittle 3.

More recently, Amos made an appearance as himself in the 2019 crime-thriller, Uncut Gems, starring Adam Sandler.

Amos is also set to reprise his character as Cleo McDowell in the upcoming sequel to the 1988 romantic-comedy Coming to America, Coming 2 America.   

2. Played Percy Fitzwallace In The West Wing

Further cementing Amos' standing as a versatile actor who can embody dramatic characters, as well as comedic characters, was his turn as Percy Fitzwallace in the NBC serial-political drama, The West Wing.

John Amos as Percy Fitzwallace in The West Wing
John Amos as Percy Fitzwallace in The West Wing

Source: Television Academy

Amos was a recurring presence since the first season as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Fitzwallace. He went on to become a frequent presence until he was killed off in the show's fifth season.    

1. Net Worth Of $3 Million

According to findings reported by, John Amos has a net worth of $3 million, as of May 2020. The 80-year-old veteran has been an on-screen presence since 1970 and in the half-century since, Amos has appeared in over a hundred movies and TV shows.

Notwithstanding his numerous guest appearances in TV shows like The A-Team, Murder, She Wrote, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Two and a Half Men, and 30 Rock, he is known for playing James Evans, Sr. on the CBS sitcom, Good Times, and the adult Kunta Kinte in the groundbreaking 1977 ABC miniseries, Roots.

He also had recurring appearances as Percy Fitzwallace in the NBC serial-political drama, The West Wing, and Ed Bishop in the Netflix sitcom, The Ranch. 

On the big screen, he is most known for his appearances in movies like Die Hard 2 and Uncut Gems.