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Armie Hammer-Net Worth, Bio, Age, movies, Life, Wife, Kids

tp-admin Published On Sun Jun 06 2021   Modified On Sun Jun 06 2021
Armie Hammer-Net Worth, Bio, Age, movies, Life, Wife, Kids


    Body and Relation Status of Armie Hammer-Net Worth, Bio, Age, movies, Life, Wife, Kids

    Armie Hammer is an American actor. The son of business magnate Michael Armand Hammer and the great-grandson of oil and petroleum tycoon Armand Hammer, Armie did not coast by on his family's fortune but rather followed his calling -- and the film industry is all the better for it. 

    He has gained acclaim thanks to his impeccable performances in movies like The Social Network, J. Edgar, The Lone Ranger, Mirror Mirror, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and Call Me by Your Name. 

    As of April 2020, Armie Hammer's net worth is $16 million. Here is how he made his fortune. 

    How Armie Hammer Made His Fortune? 

    Armie's professional career started in 2005 with bit roles in television shows such as Arrested Development, Veronica Mars, and Desperate Housewives. He had a more prominent role in the second season of Gossip Girl and Reaper.

    His breakthrough role would come in 2010 when he portrayed the identical twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss in the Mark Zuckerberg biopic, The Social Network. Among other distinctions, he won the Toronto Film Critics Association Awards for Best Supporting Actor.     

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    The following year saw Armie star in the Clint Eastwood-produced biopic J. Edgar, based on the FBI director of the same name. With Leonardo DiCaprio at the helm, Hammer's performance and their on-screen chemistry were particularly singled out as the high-points of the entire movie.

    His other high-profile on-screen collaborations include a starring role alongside Johnny Depp in Disney's 2013 action-western The Lone Ranger, co-starring role alongside Julia Roberts and Lily Collins in Mirror Mirror.

    He also starred alongside Henry Cavill and Alicia Vikander in the acclaimed 2015 espionage-action movie, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and Timothée Chalamet in the 2017 coming-of-age romantic-drama movie, Call Me by Your Name.

    Box Office Revenue

    Movie TitleYearBox Office Earnings (In $)
    The Social Network 2010224,920,000
    Mirror Mirror2012183,020,000
    The Lone Ranger2013260,500,000
    The Man From U.N.C.L.E.2015109,850,000

    Hancock Park Home

    In February 2019, Armie dropped $4.72 million to scoop up a three-story traditional English Tudor in the high-end Hancock neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

    The 6,275-square-foot home is an idyllic retreat for Armie and his wife, who just gave birth to their second child in 2017.

    The house has five bedrooms and five-and-a-half bathrooms and sits on a 0.27-acre of high-end real estate. Obscured by lush green vegetation and well-kept shrubbery, the house opens to a double-height living room with beamed ceilings, and a brick-encased marble double-sided fireplace shared between the library and the living room.

    The kitchen is furnished with state-of-the-art appliances centered around a modern central aisle with an adjoining wood-paneled dining quarter.

    The second floor features two guest bedrooms and a master suite featuring walk-in closets, a fireplace, built-in bookshelves, and an en-suite master bath with a sauna and a spa.        

    Outdoors has a lagoon-style swimming pool and spa with a man-made waterfall with outdoor dining facilities.

    Great Grandfather's Oil Empire

    Armie, whose birth name is Armand Douglas Hammer, was named after his great-grandfather. Armand Hammer Sr. was a business tycoon who helmed Occidental Petroleum from 1957 to his death. 

    Armand was a millionaire before he graduated college, courtesy of a well-timed business venture: selling alcohol to drugstores at a time when alcohol was outlawed. He sank his savings investing into Occidental Petroleum and made it into a global powerhouse.

    At one point, Armand was worth as high as $800 million. 

    Armie Hammer's father, Michael Armand Hammer,  is also a business mogul in his own right. He oversaw Occidental Petroleum for many years before venturing into his own foundation, the Armand Hammer Foundation. He is also the founder and CEO of Hammer International Foundation, Hammer Galleries, and Hammer Productions.  

    Early Life, Childhood, And Education

    Armie Hammer was born Armand Douglas Hammer on August 28, 1986, in Los Angeles, California. He is the eldest son of two born to business tycoon Michael Armand Hammer, and former bank loan officer Dru Ann Mobley, and while his younger brother, Viktor, followed in his father's footsteps, Armie chose a different path altogether.

    In that respect, he is also incongruous from his great-grandfather, Armand Hammer -- in whose namesake he was named -- who himself was a prominent oil tycoon.   

    Armie's childhood was spent moving and changing schools seemingly by the month. He lived in the affluent Highland Park neighborhood of Dallas, Texas, the Cayman Islands, before settling in Los Angeles. 

    He attended Faulkner's Academy and later Grace Christian Academy while living in the Cayman Islands, and studied at Los Angeles Baptist High School upon his return to Los Angeles.

    He did drop out of high school to pursue acting, much to the dismay of his parents, who disowned him at that point, but now are fully supportive.

    Marriage And Children

    Armie has been married since 2010 to actress, model, and TV personality Elizabeth Chambers. They met through mutual friends and made their marriage official on May 22, 2010.    

    They have two children together: daughter Harper Grace Hammer (born on December 1, 2014), and son Ford Douglas Armand (born on January 15, 2017).

    They are the joint owners of two high-end bakeries stationed in San Antonio and Dallas. 

    The Bird Bakery opened its doors to the San Antonio public in 2012, and features recipes are handed down from Elizabeth's grandmother to her mother to her. The success of the first bakery spawned a new branch in Dallas.