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Lady Gaga To Donatella Versace-List Of Actors, Singers To Beauty Mogul Donated Victims Of COVID 19

tp-admin Published On Wed Jun 23 2021   Modified On Wed Jun 23 2021
 Lady Gaga To Donatella Versace-List Of Actors, Singers To Beauty Mogul Donated Victims Of COVID 19

Following the terror of infectious virus called COVID-19 began, the virus has been affecting not only people but major leagues, the stock market, and the livelihood of people globally.  

The virus was first tracked in December 2019, and as of March 2020, more than 341,760 cases have been confirmed with 14,762 total deaths globally.

Since the outbreak, numerous lives have been lost. Several sectors, including the Film industry, NBA, Football Leagues, Stock Market, and Economy, have been disturbed. Numerous films and TV shows have postponed their date indefinitely due to the virus, and big events Met Gala and Coachella.

Millions of people around the world have been self-isolating in order to prevent getting sick. However, despite the global calamity, several A-listed celebrities have been trying to make a positive impact and spread awareness through their respected platforms, just as in the Australian Bushfire.

Notable celebrities like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and others have been leading an economic and social charge to assist those affected by the virus. While people are fighting for household essentials like toilet paper, water, foods, and sanitizers, their celebs have been trying to give back as much as possible to those in need and assist the government and health workers.

List Of Actors, Singers To Beauty Mogul Who Donated To The Victims Of COVID 19

As 2020 had been hit by the worst bushfire of the decade, yet another heart wrecking virus terrorize the world. With each day, countless people are being tested positive for the virus.

Among them some notable faces including actor Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson, Canadian Prime Minister’s wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, footballer Callum Hudson-Odoi, basketball player Rudy Gobert to name a few.

As numerous health workers fight the virus in their respected fields, celebrities and stars have joined a growing list of influential figures to donate and help combat the pandemic.

On 16th March 2020, actor Ryan Reynolds and wife Blake Lively revealed that they are donating $1 million (which will be split between Feeding America and Food Banks Canada) to help provide meals to those in need.

Similarly, House of Lies star Kristen Bell and her daughters announced that they were donating $150,007.96 to No Kid Hungry, which is an organization that aims to end child hunger.

Did You Know? Kristen’s daughters, who are aged five and six, insisted on pitching in money to donate from their piggy banks.

Similarly, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and musician wife Ciara told that they were donating 1 million meals to Food Lifeline, a non-profit organization that provided meals in the Seattle area.

On 16th March, A Star Is Born actress-singer Lady Gaga announced that her beauty line, Haus Labs, is donating 20% of sales from the last week to local food banks in New York and Los Angeles to help people affected by Coronavirus.

Canadian singer Justin Bieber pledged to donate $29,000 to the Beijing Chunmiao Charity Foundation to help fight COVID 19. It is a children’s charity in China.

On 19th March, American actor Mark Consuelos and wife Kelly Ripa donated $1 million to coronavirus relief efforts to WIN, which is the largest provider of shelter and supportive housing to children and women in New York City.

American Singer Justin Timberlake announced that they had donated an undisclosed amount to Mid-South Foodbank, a part of Feeding America, which helps deliver food to people in Memphis, Tennessee. Timberlake also urged and asked his followers to support as much as they can.

Following the NBA’s decision to postpone the upcoming games, several players pledged to donate to the coronavirus relief efforts. One of the player Rudy Gobert (who was tested positive) announced that he is donating over $500,000 to COVID related social services and employee relief fund at Vivint Smart Home Arena.

Likewise, Pop star Rihanna pledged to donate $5 million to the COVID 19 relief efforts via her own nonprofit organization, the Clara Lionel Foundation.

Korean pop-band BTS star Suga and Oscar Award-winning director Bong Joon-Ho have each donated over $82,000 to the Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association in their hometown of South Korea.

Similarly, Sheryl Sandberg teamed up with her local Silicon Valley-based food bank called Facebook COO and pledged to donate $5.5 million to launch an emergency fund that focuses on feeding families.

When numerous celebs are supporting financially and emotionally, British singer-actor Rita Ora has released a #StopTheSpread merch campaign to support the UN Foundation and WHO to combat the pandemic.

Her collection includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, and stickers, which features a logo with a peace sign over an image of a virus. The price ranges around $8 to $50 per piece, and all the proceeds benefit the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO.


Singer-rapper Cardi B took to Instagram and pledged to donate the coins she receives from her new song to people in financial hardship as a result of the virus. When asked by a fan if she was giving the royalties to relief efforts.

She replied: "Yes! That's what we going to do! Keep in mind you don't get your money right away ...but even months from now there would be families with financial issues for getting laid off due to the virus. We will donate!"

Last but not the least, legendary Chinese actor Jackie Chan has pledged to give 1 million Yuan as a reward to whoever is able to find the antidote to the pandemic virus.

Dozens of celebrities including Kanye West, Kerby Jean-Raymond, Jimmy Fallon, Vanessa Hudgens, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Donatella Versace, Bethenny Frankel, among others have donated and took to their social media platforms to express their support.

Honorable mentions: Billion-dollar companies like Microsoft and Amazon donated $1 million each, and Starbucks Foundation donated $250,000 to COVID 19 Response Fund, and Netflix has contributed $100 million for Coronavirus relief fund. 

How Can We Help Or Contribute To COVID-19 Reliefs?

In mankind's history, this might be the first time where the divided human race stands and united we fall. 

However, we can help the health workers, and the government combats the virus by following simple preventive measures such as washing hands, maintaining social distance, self-isolating, and keeping our immune system strong as much as we can.

We might not be fully immune to the virus; however, we can contribute our support by not getting contaminated and spreading among other people nearby us as much as possible. 

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