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Home lifestyle How Did Love Island's Alexandra Cane Lose 28 Pounds in 3 Months? Check Out Her Weight Loss Regimen

How Did Love Island's Alexandra Cane Lose 28 Pounds in 3 Months? Check Out Her Weight Loss Regimen

Shrijan Published On Wed Jan 29 2020   Modified On Wed Jan 29 2020
How Did Love Island's Alexandra Cane Lose 28 Pounds in 3 Months? Check Out Her Weight Loss Regimen

Alexandra Cane is a world-renowned English makeup artist who became a household name after her stint in the fourth season of the popular English dating reality show, Love Island.

Cane is also the bastion of patience and dedication as evident in her 28-pound weight loss. She now attempts to help others achieve the same with her initiative, the Alexandra's Happy Body Plan

Alexandra Cane before and after her dramatic weight loss
Alexandra Cane before and after her dramatic weight loss
Source: Instagram @alexandralouise__

But what spurred on her body transformation? How did she do it?

We look at the body transformation of the celebrity-turned-health-and-fitness-guru Alexandra Cane.

How She Gained Weight

As with most weight gains, Cane's was triggered by stress. She suffered a catastrophic knee injury that effectively ended her ballroom-dance career before it could ever take off.

This threw her life into a tailspin and she became depressed. In her own words, she explained her weight gain:

"People may not know, but I was a semi-pro ballroom dancer until a knee injury put paid to that.

I got really quite depressed about it and let my fitness slide. I’d always wanted to get back into shape but could never stick at anything. I think we all know what to do with diet and exercise but it’s getting the motivation that’s tough."

Her Parents' Near-Death Experience Spurred Her Weight Loss

In a candid interview with Ok! Online, Cane revealed that she was galvanized into action by her parent's health scare in 2018. Having nearly lost her parents made her realize the brevity of life and take account of her life. 

Her exact statement reads:

"My dad had a heart attack and my mum was diagnosed with cancer, she’s been going through chemotherapy for six months. They’re doing great. My mum is in remission now.

It was a turning point actually, in me. I thought 'you need to take care of yourself, you need to take care of number one.' That’s part of the reason why I’m feeling what I’m feeling now."

She decided to start taking of herself and hired a personal trainer to help get her started. The culmination of her dedication and patience was her incredible 28-pound weight loss in a matter of months.

How Did She Lose 28 Pounds in 3 Months?

According to Cane, her personal trainer, Adam, was instrumental in her body transformation. Her workout regimen includes a ten-minute High-Intensity Interval Training. While the workout might seem like much, the intense nature of the workout is equivalent to an hour's worth of cardio and jogging.

Alexandra Cane and her personal trainer, Adam
Alexandra Cane and her personal trainer, Adam
Source: Instagram @alexandralouise__

Her diet plan is also not as stringent as other plans. She follows a regimen devised by the nutritionist, Amanda Ursell, and allows a balanced diet that does not feel restrictive. 

Her physical transformation also helped her mental headspace, not just in terms of accepting her body, but facing her fears head-on. In her blog for Ok! Online, Crane explained: 

"For me the mental side has been more important than the physical – although I am glad that I can now walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath.

Also, I used to have panic attacks on flights – and that’s all stopped now. I’ve been on six flights in the last couple of months and felt completely fine!"

Pioneer of Alexandra's Happy Body Plan

People who are inspired by Alexandra's transformation, and want that for themselves can sign up for her subscription-based plan, Alexandra's Happy Body Plan

Alexandra's Happy Body Plan 
Alexandra's Happy Body Plan website

She and her trainer Adam provide a blow-by-blow workout and diet regimen that helped Cane achieve her ideal body, starting at a one-off £49.99 payment, or three installments of £19.99.