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Home lifestyle Rich Piana's Tattoos Will Give Your Life New Hope And Passion

Rich Piana's Tattoos Will Give Your Life New Hope And Passion

Dahlia Published On Fri Jan 24 2020   Modified On Thu Apr 09 2020
Rich Piana's Tattoos Will Give Your Life New Hope And Passion

"Love it, Kill it," a phrase former Mr. California Rich Piana often used, was about doing what one loves to the best of one's ability. 

An American bodybuilder and businessman was a proud owner of the nutrition product line called Rich Piana: 5% Nutrition. 

In contrast to his competitors, he had publicly admitted about using anabolic steroids and synthetic human growth hormone bodybuilding regimen in his 25-year career in competition. 

Such a blatant attitude is what made him the favorite of millions. Besides bodybuilding and love for dogs, he has also possessed a passion for inking his body. All the details about the tattoo he had on his body are present in the article below. Here is the details description of his tattoos. 

On His Shins: Self-Made

Rich had inked 'Self' in the right shin and 'Made' in the left shin. The reason behind the tattoo was to feel proud of his accomplishment, and it meant a lot to him.  

Besides being a personal trainer in Gold's Gym and working as an actor, Rich owned a company and had investments in several sectors. And all of this was done solely by him without any help from family members.

Rich Piana
Rich Piana displaying the tattoo on his body

Source: Pinterest

He had stated that the trials and tribulation of establishing the company gave him the pride as he had no financial support from anyone. In his words, no one gets for credit for what he achieved!

On His arms: One For Revenge And The Other For Respect 

The tattoo on his right arm meant Revenge, while the left arm meant Respect.    

He was very particular when it came to being respected. If people didn't, his right arm would swing into action! Not looking in his eyes and wandering eyes elsewhere meant people were not listening to him, so he found such behavior to be most troublesome of all.

The bodybuilder jokingly said that being a nice guy wasn't working for him!

On His Right Elbow And Shoulder: Spider Web 

The spider web represented the idea of being confined and not being able to get out, precisely prison. Though he had never spent his time on Rikers Island!    

Nevertheless, he explained the real reason behind getting the spider web tattoo was his family friend. Though the friend was not related to him, he was the favorite among all, and he would count days till Thanksgiving to meet him.

The family friend had a spider web on his elbow, which became a subject of fascination for him. So as a way to commemorate his memories with him, he had a spider web on his tattoo.        

On The Neck: Biohazard 

Piana remembered his time during his bodybuilding career was when he "lived and died for bodybuilding." It was a 'toxic mentality' for him, and all of that just to win the trophy.

Rich Piana
Rich in the promotion of his supplement product

 Source: Pinterest

He did drugs and took toxic materials to look scary. So this tattoo solely represented his idea of coming out of that mentality. 

On The Back Of Triceps: Power And Pride

Though people initially associated the tattoo with white race-related, Piana explained that it was never about white supremacy. 

The right of the triceps had power, while the left had pride. 

The pride got ingrained in him by his high-school football coach, who would often preach him about the pride in the locker room. 

Enhance his physique all tattoo. 

His secret of making his triceps and shoulder enhanced was to ink his body.       

Guns On His Right Arm

He also had a gun with a finger on the trigger as a tattoo. The tattoo signified a phrase I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6 for him.      

Dog On His Left Arm 

He had a face of his dog, named Pain, inked on his shoulder and another dog, China, on the vicinity of Pain's tattoo. Both of his dogs have already passed away. 

The bodybuilder also had a tattoo of another pitbull dog he owned named Ice. Moreover, there was paws tattoo of his dog Ice too. 

In addition to this, he also had a Tribal Pitbull Tatto on his back that signifies his love for the animal and most specifically Pitbulls

Across The Chest: One Day You May

One day You May was his first company, and this tattoo holds an important message to everyone. It signified the positive motivation that if one works hard enough, he may one day achieve the goal. 

He believed that 95% of the people in the world wouldn't follow their goal in fear of never achieving and end up complaining about not achieving the goal. 

He also had the tattoo on the back of his head. 

Below The Armpit: Love It, Kill It 

Besides Love it, kill it being his favorite phrase, it was also the name of his clothing line. 

Rich Piana
Rich wearing the Love it, Kill it vest showcasing the revenge tattoo

 Source: Pakkotoisto

The right side had the 'love it' while the left side had 'kill it' inked on it. 

5% Tattoo 

5% was tattoed on his shoulder. Besides, 5% was also inked on the back and under of the calves region. 

Since he thought 95% would not run after their goal, he explained that 5% would pursue the goal relentlessly and diversify themselves. 

In addition to 5% being inked on his body, it was also the name of supplement he had launched called Rich Piana 5% Nutrition. 

Below The Eyes: Teardrop

Each tattoo signifies a different meaning for everyone, and when it came to the symbol of teardrops, it clearly meant different for Rich.

He clarified the real reason behind putting the teardrops tattoo was to represent the sad moment and not about killing someone he hates as everyone assumed. 

Rich Piana
Rich wearing a 5% band on the wrist

 Source: Pinterest

The success Rich acquired in his lifetime is surely motivational to many, and he has definitely left his mark with advice about diet and fitness routines to1.2 million followers on Instagram and more than thousands of subscribers on YouTube.